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Extensions Paid Listings – How to skip the first step?

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  • inzerat

    Hi. I have been thinking about it, and it would be better to change the current form of this extension.

    I would skip the first step, where the package is selected, and put it as check boxes directly in the adding of listing. With the default value being Free package.

    This will not discourage the user. By default, it will be checked for free. When someone checks a premium package, the listing is first saved as “free” (so we do not lose this listing) And the payment of the premium package will be in the last step. So if the user changes his mind and leaves, at least we will have the listing saved in db as a free.

    Like this: https://ibb.co/s9QTXZw

    Please tell me how to do it .. would it be somehow using a snippet? If not, can I buy such an adjustment from you?

    ihor developer

    Sorry, but there’s no simple code snippet for adding this feature, I recommend sticking to the current workflow because each package has a description and if there are simple checkboxes or radio buttons users may be confused, while with the packages grid you can describe (and advertise) why purchasing a package worth it (e.g. faster approval, featured status, bigger expiration period).


    And is it at least possible to choose a package in the second step? What’s the logic now? In my opinion, it’s really a bounce rate booster now …

    ihor developer

    It’s not easy to move it to the second step because there’s also a checkout redirect, so this requires some additional logic (e.g. for redirecting to checkout on the next step if the paid package is selected) and advanced customizations. Please consider leaving it as is because usually pricing plans, packages and anything like this appears on a separate page to display the pros/cons of each plan.


    @ihor Hi, is it possible to make the selection (free / featured) not appear when placing an listing? The user could pay for the “featured” function additionally. For example, when editing an listing.

    For example, is there a snippet that will hide the selection in the current version (in the first step)?

    Thank you

    ihor developer

    You can simply unpublish or delete the listing packages, then this step should not appear, while there will still be an option to pay for the featured listing.

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