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Facebook Login Problem

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  • Jave

    So i’m just trying to integrate the facebook login externsion probably.

    But there is a problem (maybe a bug?) :

    I set in Hivepress setting to show the complete name on listings and messages – now when i register a fresh account (in this example i used a test account) via facebook login and message a vendor on his listing it doesn’t show the complete name of the with facebook registered user but the name of the mail adress.

    After registering the account in the settings the first and last name is set automatically like in the users facebook profile (like it should) – anyway it shows the email name in messages with each other.

    BUT if i edit the name (First or last name in setting) in the test user account frontend afterwards it shows the complete name how i wanted it to be in the beginning.

    What can i do about it?

    Here is a photo of it – first message is without editing the name second message after editing (in this case i added a letter in the end) ->


    Just tested the user don’t have to edit he just have to press save changes in settings but if he’s not the name is showing like in the picture from the email

    ihor developer

    If I understand correctly the first and last name are fetched from Facebook and they appear in the settings form correctly, or these details are not fetched?


    Yes it does – I’ve sent you a screencast showing the problem in detail via mail please check it 🙂

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