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Favourites shortcode

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  • Jason Barnes

    What is the shortcode for favourites, I would like to create a menu link,

    ihor developer

    There’s no shortcode, but you can manually add the page URL to the main menu in Appearance/Menus section, favorites URL looks like yoursite.com/account/favorites Please note that this page is hidden when there’re no favorites, so this link may redirect users back to the account page.

    Jason Barnes


    Jason Barnes

    I should always remember that you guys spell favourites without a u

    Jason Barnes

    it won’t actually let me use that as a menu item, changes it to fro account/favorites to account-favourites

    Jason Barnes

    Sorted it thanks, i was doing it wrong.


    Hi Ihor – is there a way to Favourite certain vendors – so that one can follow their ads.

    Some other thoughts

    1. Have phone number, email, whatsapp, website added in the Profile of the poster – and have a checkbox in the Listing – where he decides to use that number – and display or put a new one – both options are open.

    2. An option for a Vendor to remain anonymous about certain Ad – so it does not show in his listings.

    3. An option to show on click – the email id etc – to only logged in users.

    Thank you very much

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll consider adding these options. I plan to develop a Social Media extension (to add vendor social links, sharing buttons, etc.), but it’ll most likely be paid.

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