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    I found out a new bug maybe not know about the featured option.
    I was informed and learned that the featured will not appear if it’s the only listing, so a second regular listing needs to be created. This is known already.

    But I just learned that if you do a local search with your address that no listings will appear for that area if there is 2 featured listings. To fix this or to verified I temporarily removed 1 featured listing and both listings now appear fine around me. If I enable the second one again and try the same search it shows 0 listings.

    What’s the fix?


    also noticed that even with just 1 listing in featured no search results get shown for that particular listings when using a filter. So it seems anything listed with featured will not properly appear in search results.


    Yes, it’s a known bug and it will be fixed in the next version, if there’re only featured listings and no regular listings in the search results then “nothing found” message is displayed, because there’s a check that counts only regular listings.


    thank you


    can you please guide us with the release date for next version


    I plan to update it within 2 weeks.

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