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  • littleblackbookteam

    Hi Ihor,

    just wondering how you managed to produce that very good featured on your on the ExpertHive demo as i’m looking to incorporate that same look in my TaskHive theme

    ihor developer


    This header layout is built into the ExpertHive theme, reproducing it with the same animation/stacking photos effect may require some CSS tweaks. You can try starting with a simple 2-column layout with images on the right and then customizing them if required.


    Hey Ihor – purchased Expethive earlier today to keep supporting your great work. Curious though – per the question above – is the header image on the index page not a featured image? (I don’t see where to change it – I don’t see it in a block – nor in the featured image section – is this something that is hard coded in some how – or am I merely missing it? Thanks – Ian

    ihor developer

    @goodkarma Thanks, really appreciate this! These are just images attached to the Home page, if you delete the demo images and attach other 3 images (e.g. via the page directly or by uploading to the Media section and then attaching them) they’ll be displayed in the same way.


    Thanks, Ihor – could you clarify the instructions here a bit? I’m not sure I understand how these images are “attached” – e.g. – the typical way one would edit that section would be the featured image, no? (this is where those edits are made in in Taskhive – simply replacing the image in the featured section – replaces the demo image that ships with the theme – or if i recall – making the image/edit in the hero section code block)

    So to customize that section – we now need to delete images from the demo…..and then do what? If this is covered in the doc videos – please refer me to that and i’m happy to figure it out – but it feels a bit counter intuitive relative to the expectation of how that area of the home page ought to be edited/customized.

    ihor developer

    Sorry if it’s confusing, this was the easiest way to implement this without any custom blocks or extra scripts – I’ll add a screencast about this to the docs.

    Please remove these 3 demo images, then upload 3 custom images in WordPress/Media section. If you select “list view” for attachments there, you’ll see an option to attach images to pages If you attach any 3 images to the Home page they’ll be displayed in the same way as on the demo site (so pages treat the attached images like a gallery).


    Thanks, Ihor – very easy – and works as promised 🙂 That said – I would literally have never figured out how to do that myself without your instructions above – so I appreciate having learned something new today!

    (if you’d like, I will record a video on how to customize the front page exactly as you instructed above – will probably do a walkthrough of Experthive for my community on youtube as some folks seem to be interested in the ones i’ve done on Hivepress – so happy to share that with you if you think it will be helpful – or save you having to add an additional screenshare to your workload)

    Thanks 🙂

    ihor developer

    That would be great, I’ll definitely add more screencasts to the docs but recording some kind of walkthrough would be hard – I’m not a native English speaker:) Thanks!


    How can I replace the three pictures that are on the main page?

    ihor developer

    Please try following this screencast step by step

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