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    Can I have a page where only features items are listed.
    How can a customer pay and receive the featured item status on their product?
    What is the real difference between a featured and non featured item?


    1. No, but they are displayed at the top of all listing pages anyway. You can set the number of spots for featured listings in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Display section. Also, you can display a few featured listings on the home page, or any other page using the Listings block (it has an option to display featured listings only).

    2. Please check the “Monetizing featured listings” screencast https://hivepress.io/docs/extensions/paid-listings/

    3. Featured listings are displayed at the top of listing pages, so they are highlighted and get more views.


    Ok thank you it works. Also would it be possible to have a page where businesses can list their products? Like a page only for businesses rather than just regular customers listings page?


    You can consider using listings as products, and vendors as businesses. Then businesses can add listings, and their pages will display all their listings. Also, I’m working on an extension that will allow purchasing listings (but only for non-physical products, like services).

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