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Featured listing changing its value without notice

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  • soumik008

    Hi @Ihor and Team,

    The Listings made “Featured” in the backend, are suddenly changing their value after few minutes to being “Not Featured” without any updates to the listing done either manually or by the vendor.
    This has been happening quite frequently and I haven’t been able to pinpoint the main action after which this is happening or the time gap.

    I am not sure if it’s a bug or something I am doing wrong but it definitely seemed an odd behavior as no changes were made from my end. Please look into this.


    In an attempt to replicate this, I found that the issue is with the Featured listing start date. If we put in the start date, in few minutes the featured listing goes away but if the start date field is entered, it works fine.

    Also, the end date is non-editable, can we please make it editable or at least a button to remove the end date. Now it’s like if we set the end date, we should always have an end date, no matter what. We can’t remove the value fully from the field.

    ihor developer

    Please let me know what you mean about the start and end dates, are these some custom Date attributes? There’s no Start Date field for listings by default. If these are custom fields please make sure that their names (slugs) don’t conflict with the built-in fields (for example names like “title”, “status”, “featured_time”, “expired_time” are reserved).


    Hi @ihor by Start Date, I meant the “Featuring Date” it’s an already defined attribute, not one created by me. So if we fill that Featuring Date with some date, don’t know if it is happening for all, but after a while, the listing just stops being featured, without any modification in the backend.

    ihor developer

    Sorry for the confusion, but this date means “the date when the listing will lose the featured status”. So it’s like an expiration date but for the listing featured status. If you don’t want listings to lose this status automatically please leave this date field empty.


    Hi @ihor thank you again. Sorry I missed the help text next to that field. Actually, the two fields “Featuring Date” and “Expiration Date” just next to each other confused me a bit. I thought one is for “when the listing will start getting featured” and another is “the date the featuring will end”.

    Maybe you can think of rewording the fields a bit like “Feature Expiration Date” and “Listing Expiration Date”. Just a suggestion, you know in case someone misses checking the help section next to the field and end up getting confused like me.

    But thank you so much for clarifying this. It helps a lot.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestions, will try to improve the UX of these settings.

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