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Featured listings and categories in carousel format

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  • Carlos Magno

    @gabetu and @arielkbs Thank you very much for this very relevant topic. I’m trying to implement it on my site, but I don’t understand exactly how to do it. I created the script.js file in the folder in the site files following the same path as your link. Is it to add the call to this script on the homepage of the site? Could you help me, please?


    Wow, great topic! Can someone give step by step the working solution? With CodeSnippet to integrate? Thanks guys!


    @gabetu Hello , im almost done , but i cant make to show only the featured listings … can u help ?

    Big thanks for everything u write in this forum


    okay i fix it 🙂


    can someone tell me how to run the JS only on one page ,
    Its looks like this JS run on every existing page

    ihor developer

    If you add some JS code with a wp_enqueue_script or wp_add_inline_script functions you can try add the page check there, or if you use jQuery you can target a specific page only like this:
    $('.page-123 .anything')


    so in snippet , shoud be like this .. ?

    if ( ! is_page( [ 142] )  ) {
    	} ?>
    	/* js code goes here */
    ihor developer

    Yes, you can also wrap the whole code with add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', function() { ... }); so it’ll run only after the template is loaded on the front-end (so the is_page function will work for sure).

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