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Featured Listings, Paid Listings and Woocommerce setup issues

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  • lightningrealwp

    Hi again,

    I want to charge users to “Feature” their listings. The listing is free to post. Users pay a fee only if they want to “feature” the listing. I might have paid listing levels at some point, but not now.

    HivePress is fairly intuitive to set up, but Woocommerce is a bit complicated – it started with some confusing (for me) questions then added 3rd party plugins to my site like WooCommerce Payments, WooCommerce Shipping & Tax, Jetpack, MailPoet.

    Which of these do I need in order to set up a paid featured listing?

    Is there a way to have users on my HivePress site pay for a featured listing via PayPal (Woocommerce seems to use only Stripe)?

    Thanks for your help and insights.


    I would like to enable purchase on the ability to feature a listing, would be great to bypass woocommerce alltogether to be honest.

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately there’s no way to do this without WooCommerce, there’s a step where all these extra plugins can be unchecked, but it’s not really clear (e.g. options are greyed out). If these are already installed you can remove them in WordPress/Plugins section. To keep it as lightweight as possible you can remove extra payment gateways, disable shipping, etc.
    If you don’t add listing packages and follow this screencast then you can charge users a flat fee for making listings featured.
    Hope this helps.


    Thanks, Ihor. I will check out the screencast.

    A few more questions:

    1. To charge for featured listings (or premium memberships), do I still need the Woocommerce Payments plugin?

    2. Am I “required” to set up a Stripe account in order to use the Woocommerce to charge for featured listings?

    3. Can I use my PayPal account to handle transactions?

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi Ihor, one more question after 1,2,& 3 above.

    4. Can I set up my classifieds site with NO plans free or paid, and only set up the Featured Listing paid option? Am I required to set up at least a free plan or can I charge for Featured Listings without also having plans?

    ihor developer

    1. As far as I know it’s a new payment gateway from WooCommerce, you don’t need it if you use another gateway (e.g. PayPal or Stripe).
    2. This depends on how you want to accept payments, if you want to do this via Stripe then yet.
    3. Sure, you can use PayPal instead of Stripe.
    4. Yes, in this case you can set the Featured product and don’t add any listing packages, then users will be able to pay for promoting listings, but they will not have to choose a package.


    Thanks for these answers. Very helpful.


    Okay, I have set the site up to allow a listing to be posted by any registered user for free.

    I see that the test user I set up has a listing, but it does not appear in their Account page and the “Vendor” is my admin user.

    Do I need to make users sign up as vendors? If so, how?

    ihor developer

    It should work by default, once a regular user submits the first listing and it’s approved by the site admin, this user is registered as a vendor automatically (a vendor profile should appear in WordPress/Vendors section). You can try registering as a test user to check this workflow.

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