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  • FindaFloorGuy

    Hey All,

    I use Ultimate CSV Importer to create listings. The process is pretty smooth. I marked about 60 listings as featured during a recent import of about 100 listings. The import went well but I noticed that the listing block on my front page has not updated with the new listings. Listings are checked as featured on back end, featured image is present. I have it set to display only three listings in random order. Different listings normally appear on refresh but none of the current featured listings.

    If I go into an individual listing, uncheck and recheck featured and update the listing it will appear in the listing block as intended. This is time consuming and defeats the purpose of the import.

    I’m wondering if there’s a simple solution to perform a refresh and get TaskHive to recognize the new featured listings?

    Thank You

    ihor developer


    HivePress caches listing IDs when you change the block settings, or if any of the listings are updated. After you import listings, please try updating any of the listings (without changes), the cache should be refreshed.


    Thanks for the reply. Any listing I update (without changes) refreshes that particular listing only. I picked a few and bulk changed their status to pending and then back to published with no success. You think if I bulk changed to draft then back to published that might have an affect? Trying to avoid updating one-by-one.

    ihor developer

    Please try updating the block settings instead, you can select this block when you edit the page, and change the number of listings (then you can change it back), the cache should be refreshed.


    It looks like I requested support on this issue before;

    I’ve updated the listing block, changed the Columns, Number, Order and Display settings in various combinations, to no avail. I deleted the block, updated the page, added the block back and updated and nothing has changed.

    Am I missing something?

    ihor developer

    This is strange, maybe there’s some third-party caching plugin? If some listings are marked as featured but still don’t appear in the listings block you can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue.


    Thanks, I sent you access.

    I’m not running a cache plugin. The latest import was 12-3-20 and they are on the front page of the listings set to show 100. I’ve been experimenting with the listings at the top and bottom of the page. The bulk of featured listings in the middle I’ve yet to touch.

    I have one listing block on the front page set to show four random listings. I recently tried to do a quick edit and update on some listings with no success. The only thing that works is if I Edit and Update the listing.

    Featured listings do show up in a search as starred at the top.

    ihor developer

    I haven’t received the credentials, please resend them manually via email to and I’ll check this issue. If I understand correctly, there are new featured listings, and they don’t appear in the front page block that is set to display recent featured listings?


    That is correct. I manually sent credentials.


    Here’s a screenshot of some of the listings that don’t show up in the block.

    Featured Listings Not Showing

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I was able to reproduce this issue, as soon as I updated JD Tile listing manually it appeared. Please make sure that all CSV fields are mapped correctly and that the imported listings have all the required details, it seems that some details are missing. For example, the “hp_featured” meta field value should be set to “1”, any other value is not valid.


    Interesting, I’ve had hp_featured set to true. I’ll set it to one next import. Thanks for taking the time.

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