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Few Bugs With Latest Update

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  • BrownC

    Hi ihor,

    Thanks for the recent theme update. I’ve noticed some cool changes like adding vendors to listings =D

    Some challenges that have occurred with the new updated:
    1. Individual Listing pages: can’t access individual listings on the front-end, each time I click on an individual listing it redirects me to the home page or listing page

    2. On the WordPress WP Admin: the vendor dropdown doesn’t list any of the vendors already on my system so there is nothing to select.

    3. Home Page: The ‘Featured listings’ section can no longer be updated and sometimes not showing. on WordPress WP Adim-> Pages -> Homepage it now tells me “Your theme doesn’t include support for ‘hivepress/listings’ block. You can leave this block intact or remove it entirely”

    Before I was able to edit which categories to show as featured.

    – Thank you =)

    ihor developer


    1, 2. These issues may occur if a listing has no vendor, please try to re-save this listing and if there’s no vendor it will be created automatically. The vendor selection list is limited to vendors that share the same author with the current listing, so if you added vendors as admin, and you set yourself as a listing author then vendors should appear in the list.

    3. Please try disabling the third-party plugin and refreshing cache, maybe there’s a conflict with HivePress blocks. I also updated HivePress on the demo site and the listings block seems to be ok.


    Hi ihor,

    thanks, I’ve managed to add vendors to the listings, and when I assign a vendor the listing is clickable. The listings that do not have vendors re-direct to the homepage.

    However, this means I need to go into all 306 listings to manually assign a vendor. Is there a way to bypass this as it will take so much time.

    When I select ‘bulk edit’ on WP, vendor assignment is not an option, only author, post type and status

    ihor developer

    I’ll fix this redirect in the next update (vendor will be simple hidden, there will be no redirect), For now you can run this code snippet once, and then remove it (don’t forget to remove it because it will query all listings on each page):

    	function() {
    		foreach ( get_posts(
    				'post_type'      => 'hp_listing',
    				'post_status'    => 'any',
    				'posts_per_page' => -1,
    				'fields'         => 'ids',
    		) as $listing_id ) {
    			wp_update_post( [ 'ID' => $listing_id ] );

    It will update each listing and set vendor automatically.


    Hi ihor,

    Thanks everything is working now except the hivepress/listings block.

    The featured listings are still visible on the frontend like the demo site, but on the backend wp editing, I can neither edit the block nor add more. I can still add the hivepress/reviews block but the hivepress/listings block is gone

    ihor developer

    Please try disabling third-party plugins and let me know if this issue remains. I’ve seen the same issue with OptinMonster plugin, but other optimization plugins may cause similar issues. If there’s a conflict with a popular plugin I will fix it.


    Cleared my cache and removed ALL plugins except hivepress ones. The listing block is still not available on the backend =(


    Wait, it works! after removing JETPACK by WordPress but jetpack is one of my core plugins


    Actually after I removed Jetpack- ALL the other blocks that were available just popped up like ‘vendor search form’ etc

    ihor developer

    I’ll check compatibility with JetPack before releasing the next version, it will be released next week.


    Awesome- thanks ihor. Much appreciated

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