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Filter logic is broken with optional attributes

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  • valmes

    The logic of filter bar is somewhat flawed… It forces you to use EVERY filter available at once!
    Let me explain with an example:
    Lets say we have 4 ads with cars, every ad has 3 searchable fields (enabled in Attributes) Year, Engine Size and HP. If year field is required it will be in all 4 ads. Engine size and HP are “optional” (not required).
    1st Ad 1) 2002 2) 3500cc 3)250hp
    2nd Ad 1) 2010 2) —– cc 3) –
    3rd Ad 1) 2012 2) 4000cc 3) –
    4th Ad 1) 2020 2) 5000cc 3) –
    Lets say you want to see(filter) only cars from 2002 to 2012. You can see there are 3 cars satisfying that criteria! However after pressing “Filter” button you will get only 2!
    Ad #2 will be excluded from the results because it doesn’t fall into 3500cc-5000cc range with 0 (empty) value!
    Even If you simply press “Filter” button without even modifying anything you will still get only 3 ads! You can’t get around it because a) searchable fields are pre populated with min-max values (2002-2020, 3500-5000 and no range for HP because you need two values) and b) you are forced to use EVERY FILTER even if you only want to ONLY filter by “year”!
    The fact that you cant apply a single filter, when you lots of “optional”(not required) attributes makes filtering almost useless…
    I can see couple of solutions to this
    1) Get rid of the slider and prepopulating with min-max values, use filters only when something is changed (entered in the fields), otherwise ignore them. Ehhh… not an elegant solution, but at least it will work.
    2) Get rid of the single Filter button for all and make every filter attribute work on its own. You move the slider – you filter, you enter text – you filter… sounds simple but its not. Moreover you will have to be able to clear enabled filter too…
    3) Better Solution is to use Tagify to add needed filters from the sidebar to the search bar in form of tags! And apply ONLY needed filters when you press Search! You can even sort things by dragging tags(filter requests) in needed order.
    PS: Why in hell this “forum engine” needs to cut out “spaces”, “line brakes”… any normal formating of paragraphs in fact?? It just makes text unreadable for no apparent reason!


    Thanks, I’m aware of this issue and it only occurs with the Number Range attribute type, this will be fixed (if there are boundary values then the filter will not be applied).

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