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Filters as Permalink

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  • devpatelx

    We have URL like this —

    Can we have permalinks from filter field (attributes), like there is a filter field called ‘Gender’ with two options ‘male’, and ‘female’.

    So, can we permalink like this — ??? If yes, then how?

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately there’s no easy way to combine filters this way while keeping pretty URLs in the current version, but if you enabled Public Pages for the Gender attribute then each gender already has its own page (in the same way as listing categories).

    ihor developer

    Please try using our new support forum, this one will be closed soon


    ok, like this —?

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately there’s no way to combine categories with attributes within the same hierarchical URL this way, it may be possible but would require some customizations. Currently the multi-criteria search URLs just contains the criteria array, for example

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