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Find close-by listings

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  • Alf

    I just started working with this plugin.
    Does it really need a perfect match in order to show the listing among the results? for example, if I write down my own address to find listings close to me, it will find nothing at all, right?

    Is it how it works?

    Do HivePress Themes (like ExpertHive) support other Plugins with this type of functionality?

    Thank you.


    @Alf – Have you configured your radius within the “Hive Press” -> “Settings” module?

    Try this, it works for me. Did this resolve your problem?


    It seems to work! Great!
    Now it would be even better if the results were sorted by location, but I have already read that is not ready yet.
    Let this post serve as another vote to prioritize that functionality. 🙂

    ihor developer

    @Alf Yes, this feature is on the roadmap, but I can’t say for sure if it’s possible to implement this yet (will test the query performance).

    Thanks @GoParkPlay

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