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    Is it possible to build a COMPLETE fiverr like market place using your themes and plugins.
    I want to know what features are still not included (or under development) in taskhive service.
    Please guide


    Please describe the marketplace you want to build or feel free to ask about specific features required for your site. While it’s not possible to fit 100% of Fiverr features into a WordPress theme (it would be bloated and non-scalable), it’s enough for 90% of niche marketplaces. For example, if you want to build a marketplace of fixed-price services (or digital downloads) like “I’ll do something for $123…” it’s already possible with TaskHive.


    I am not much worried about themes that I will manage. I want to know about…are these services available ?
    – freelancers posting microjob gigs
    -options like posting basic gig 5$, advanced gig 10$
    – Admin approval for gigs posting
    -settlement of refund.
    -What payment option you will provide
    -Is there a paypal express ?
    -Admin commission rates.
    -client adding review to freelancers.

    all of these are available/under development ?


    Sure, these features are already available

    – Freelancers can list fixed-price services (gigs).
    – If you mean charging freelancers for posting gigs you can do this with Paid Listings extension (it’s free)
    – You can approve/reject gigs
    – Users can raise a dispute if there’s something wrong with the order and you can decide whether to make a refund or not
    – You can use any payment gateways available for WooCommerce
    – It’s possible to set the commission rate (also custom rates per-seller).
    – Reviews are available (you can check the on the demo site)

    Please note that all payments are sent to you (the site owner) first, then sellers can request a payout (depends on your payout policy and seller’s balance). You can find more details in the docs

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