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    How do I get rid of footer that appears at the bottom of the listing pages?
    It is the footer of the website which used The7, but now looks odd on the listing page.
    I did use ListingPress theme to customise appearance of listings but found nowhere to delete the footer.

    Having same issue with horizontal menu on listing pages.


    If possible send a link to this page, there may be a CSS snippet for hiding the footer section.

    SAICE directory

    Hi Ihor


    I either want to delete the horizontal menu and footer or get them looking like they should,


    These issues occur because the logo image is too big (981px), please upload a smaller one because it’ll cause styling issues. Also the header and footer menus list all pages, please add custom menus for these locations in Appearance/Menus section and you’ll be able to customize these sections (e.g. add fewer pages and add some secondary items to the drop-down menu instead).

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