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Gap removal and dropdown selectable

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    I have removed the searchbar and I have a gap between listing and header. How can I remove this gap with CSS snippet?

    Also I have a “select” attribute but I would like to use dropdown menu. Is that possible?

    You can see both here:



    Please try using this CSS snippet to remove the gap:

    .post-type-archive-hp_listing .hp-page__header { display:none; }

    The select issue seems to be related to the current theme you’re using, it breaks the select styles. The drop-down list is visible, but the field itself is blank.


    Thanks, it removed already quite good, even though there is still a gap.
    Also, is it possible to have dropdown selectable box at the filter?


    There’re selectable boxes already, try clicking on them – drop-down will appear, but it seems that there’s a styling conflict with the theme you’re using so it makes these boxes look like text fields.

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