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    Hi and thank you for great plugin and theme!
    I have try to prevent an issue with GDPR.
    There is a Facebook / Google login in your additional plugin which create a cookie without user premition – there is not a script which I can isolate untill user premition.
    If there is an such kind a script, I can isolate it and depends of user desidion – if user conset 3rd part cookies – load script and set that cookies from Facebook / Google,
    if user not conset 3rd part cookies – the script does not to be load and 3rd part cookies from Facebook / Google will dose not set.
    Can you help with that?
    Thank you!



    It would be hard to separate features depending on the cookie consent, I suggest blocking the whole site for those who don’t want to use cookies because even WordPress can’t function without cookies, it’s authentication is based on cookies. Anyway, you can try hiding these buttons with a custom script if someone doesn’t allow cookies to be set.


    Hi and thanks for your answer!
    Becouse it will be a problem for users which use your plugins in future, I suggest you think about this better.
    The problem is that there is no script that acts as a key to start / load the contents of your plugin.
    If there was one, it can be invested in an additional system that manages the GDPR and, accordingly, cookies should not be loaded in case of disagreement by users.


    Thanks, I’ll try to improve compatibility with GDPR. There’s a separate script for each extension (like reviews, geolocation, etc.), but scripts are not separated by features.


    Thank you!
    I think you can collect in one place all the cookies from your plugins (if they are active) and / or isolate a key to activate all of them through a separate script for this purpose.
    So you will have another important option and advantage – GDPR-ready.


    HivePress itself doesn’t set any cookies, but WordPress and third-party services do (e.g. authentication, Google and Facebook APIs). I’ll check if it’s possible to separate these features by cookie usage.

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