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General OTP Guidance

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  • mgboy19932

    Hello Ihor!
    I have created this thread to implement a OTP feature on a current registration form.
    And i have emailed you about this.
    Maybe we can continue on this thread .
    Our developer will also follow this thread.

    ihor developer

    Please try adding a new phone number field to the login and registration forms via these hooks (you can also search sample code snippets on the forum by these hooks):


    You can also add the verification code field (and make it optional), and display some custom message like “Please enter the verification code you received…”. The other way to implement this is to redirect users to a custom verification form page after login/registration (you can set the redirect URL via the same hooks)

    The hooks that you can use to call some custom functions on login/registration:


    You can filter and add custom form errors via these hooks:


    Hope this helps.


    @ihor Last help please …. Kindly help me to Show The input of New field that I have added to the registration form into profile settings. I have added the “Phone field” to the registration form, but it doesn’t appear in the user profile Settings after registration. Kindly help me.

    ihor developer

    If you added it to the registration form please try using the same snippet to add it to the settings form via the hivepress/v1/forms/user_update hook.

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