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Geolocation autofill does not work if I’m not logged in

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  • antonioradu
    I did the geolocation implementation following the tutorial, at first, I thought there was no problem. Now I checked to see if the text auto-fills if I’m not logged in to any account and it’s not working (please check img above to see the difference when logged in and when not). I deactivated the plug-in and reactivate it and still the same problem. Please help



    yevhen developer

    Please make sure that you followed the tutorial from our blog, you can also send a link to your site and I will check the error details in the browser console.


    Here is the link to the website:
    I followed the tutorial exactly, I reached for google support and they said the key is set up correctly , I encounter the same problem with the show map feature Show map problem . I cleared the website cache, reinstalled the API key, and deactivated/reactivate the plug-in, even regenerated a new API Key and the problem still persists I’m all out of ideas Here is a ss of the conversation with google support: google support chat

    ihor developer

    Please try disabling third-party plugins, for example the SiteGround optimization plugin, maybe it minifies and breaks the map script. I get this error in the browser console:

    Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys

    But I see that SiteGround plugin adds extra parameters to the API URL, this may break the location and map features.


    Thank you so much! The problem was with: Defer Render-blocking JavaScript, I’ll look into it later, for now, the map and autofill works correctly

    ihor developer

    Thanks for posting the solution, I’ll go ahead and close the topic then.

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