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Geolocation not accurate

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    There are a couple of listings on my site from the Canary Islands (Spain). If you search for listings in Spain, however, the ones in the Canary Islands don’t show up. I guess the reason must be that they fall out of the geolocation radius–which I’ve set to 600Km but they’re further than that from mainland Spain. Is there a way of fixing this?

    ihor developer

    Yes, it’s a known issue that we’ll try to fix in the future Geolocation updates, it occurs because there’s a radius-based search – so if you type a country then the radius starts from the center of the country (we’ll try to resolve this by detecting if the user enters some area instead of exact city/address).

    Hi ihor, Is above feature implemented now ?

    ihor developer

    Yes, but it requires a bit more testing, we plan to release it within a week or less.

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