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Geolocation not working properly

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    Hello, I am trying to use the Geolocation function and notice the following issues. Please assist.

    1) Locate me function does noting when clicked.
    2) Defaulting to states instead of regions when selecting cities. (e.g. type Sao Paulo in search bar and the search bar auto selects the state instead of the city.) How can people find things within a certian radius if it defaults to states withint the country?
    3) When on catagory page, I type in Sao Paulo and it states nothing found even though I have set product to Sao Paulo.
    4) No maps actually show up anywhere like on demo.

    Seems I am missing somthing here. please help.

    URL where I am experiencing these issues.

    Follow up prior to response.

    I see the map is now working in some areas.

    Is there a way to add citties and/or regions in cities witout having to add to filters?
    Locate me function still does not seem to have any result when clicked.
    Also why di location take over my search bar. I can no longer use key words to search since I enabled the geolocation feature.


    ihor developer


    1, 4. Please make sure that the Google Maps API is set up correctly, it should have 3 APIs enabled (Places, Geocoding, Maps) and restricted to any URLs within your site (e.g.*, with the asterisk)

    2, 3. Yes, there are known issues with larger areas, the search by state may not work correctly since the radius is calculated starting from the center of the state (it’s fine for cities or any exact street or address), this will be fixed in future updates.

    You can use keywords to search, the Location field is added but the Keywords field is not removed (maybe it’s removed in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Search section?), it seems to be ok on the demo site

    If you don’t need the radius-based search or you don’t require setting the exact address for each listing then please consider adding a custom Select attribute with states instead of using Geolocation.

    Thanks Ihor,

    The search was disabled for keywords. That is resolved.

    I do need radius search base on my, or a customers, location. I thought that would be the function of “Locate Me” me arrow in the location search bar. If this does not actually locate me and show me a map of points of interest around me then what is it for? This will only frustrate end users and they may quickly leave and find a site that does work correctly? This concept is fundemantal UX/UI. Why is it there if it does not work as an end user would expect and if it does not work then when do we expect it to be updated?

    It seems a bit missunderstood why we would provide a function that only locates by sate or major city when some cities have 10’s of millions of people and 50+ neighborhood regions.

    Perhaps I don’t understand and just need to fix something in the settings? Appoligies for my not understanding this feature and why it was built this way. Am I misunderstanding what you wrote in your reply?

    Sorry, forgot to note the API’s are set correctly. That is the first thing that was checked.

    Lastly, even when I do select a city and click on search the page just refreshes the home page and does not provide and results. Is this something in settings as well?

    Because I know you will ask, I have an item set to the specific location entered in tot he serch bar. When I click search nothing happens except the screen refreshes with the location bar still filled in with my key search location alread filled in. Nothing else changes. Where are the results of my search?

    ihor developer

    1. The Locate Me should work as expected, it may not work only if the API key is set up incorrectly. Please check if it’s ok on the demo site, when I click it shows my exact address (it also asks for permission to pre-fill my current address)

    The Geolocation extension enables the radius-based search and supports exact locations, I just meant that there is a known issue with search by large areas (instead of exact locations) like if you enter the state only, then the radius is calculated starting from the center of the state which may cause some issues. We plan to fix this in future updates.

    2. Please make sure that the Display categories instead of listings option is not checked in HivePress/Settings/Listings section. If it’s checked then the listings page will list categories until some specific category is selected.

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