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Geolocation: online

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  • Hanna

    I’ve got a directory with businesses that have a physical store as well as practitioners who work online. How would you manage the “online” category of listing owners regarding geolocation?

    For example, I’m wondering if I put a custom attribute for “online” as a tick box in the search bar, and a website user fills the location field AND ticks the box for online, will only those listings be shown that contain both the location and online, or can it be made so that results show listings that fill either one requirement?


    ihor developer

    You can use categories for this (if you don’t use them for other purpose, e.g. business niche) or a custom attribute (e.g. Checkbox if all businesses are either Online or not, or Select if there may be more than 2 statuses in the future) and mark it as Filterable, then users will be able to search businesses by Online status, category and location at the same time.


    Thanks! If I’m not mistaken, when searching businesses by Online status and location at the same time, only those results would be shown that fill all both requirements exclusively? Can it be made so that results would be shown inclusively instead of exclusively – so that listings with the selected location would be shown as well as all Online status listings also?

    ihor developer

    This depends on how you add this Online attribute. If it’s a checkbox users can simply leave it unchecked in the search filters so both Online and not Online listings will be searched by location. If someone wants to show the Online listings only, they can check this checkbox.


    But what if I would want listings in the location to show up AND all Online even if they were not in that location?

    ihor developer

    If someone searches listings by location then only listings within the defined radius from the entered location are returned, unfortunately there’s no way to prevent this. If you add a custom Online filter users can combine filters:

    location & online
    location & not online
    online in any location
    not online in any location

    Thanks for your reply. Could it be done as a custom-coded feature? (to show listings in the location AND all Online even if they were not in that location)

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for implementing this search query, this would require a custom implementation.

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