GET and POST, how it work?

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    I don’t quite understand how to run queries to import records. Forgive me for my ignorance. Can someone throw me an example request for import. Please let it be as detailed as if you were explaining it to a child.


    If you want to import listings the easiest way is using some WordPress import plugins, for example You can map imported data to listing fields, depending on what attributes you added. For example if you added an attribute named “price” then it’s stored as a post meta field with “hp_price” key, listings itself are custom posts with “hp_listing” type.

    So you can just import items with “hp_listing” type and map data to attributes that you added for listings (depending on how you named them). I understand that it’s a bit confusing, I plan to release an import/export extension for HivePress.


    Everything is perfect! thank You

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