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    We just got your plugin to integrate an artist listing to our homepage but are very confused about the usage. Here are the things we can’t get on to:

    1. We used following shortcodes in both editors to preview features:

    This is what we see:
    (only categories could be listed)

    2. We cannot find a simple registration page nor add listing page – the add listing page shows us the categories and throws us back to the search listing

    3. What are Vendors?

    4. there is only the review blog coming up in the wordpress editor.

    Thank you!



    1. You don’t have to use shortcodes if you have the WordPress block editor (available since version 5.0), you can use blocks instead If you added a block or a shortcode and it doesn’t display anything it means that there’s no content matching the criteria (e.g. no listings, or no listings from the category if you set one).

    2. I tried submitting a listing on your site and it seems to work There’s no separate registration page at the moment, but you can create one and insert the “Registration Form” block. Users are prompted to sign in/register when they try to submit a listing, add a review, etc. so they don’t have to visit a separate page (there’s a modal window).

    3. These are like public profiles of users who added at least one listing. You can hide vendors in HivePress/Settings/Vendors section.

    4. If only the review block is visible please send a temporary access to WP using this plugin (without password) via email to and I’ll check it. I’m trying to fix this bug for a few weeks now, but can’t reproduce it locally so I have to find what causes it. You can also try disabling plugins and check if this issue persists.

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