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Get the visitor’s current location automatically

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  • skywalker


    Would it be possible to obtain the visitor’s location automatically and show the nearest results first?

    Something similar was asked on this topic, but as it has been 5 months maybe now it is possible.

    If it is not possible with the Hivepress extension, is it possible to use a third party plugin? If so, do you recommend any? Thank you.

    ihor developer

    It’s already possible, but the user has to give permission (by clicking on the “Locate Me” icon in the location field), then the field will be filled with the current user location.


    Yes you’re right. It works perfectly.

    Would it be possible to display this prompt to request the location as soon as the visitor loads the site?

    This way the location is already saved. If the visitor clicks “no” then he is asked again when he clicks the “Locate Me” icon.

    I would like to get the location to show the nearest products on the home page in a session called “products near you”.

    Thank you!

    ihor developer

    There’s no such option at the moment, but I’ll consider adding it, thanks.


    Is it possible to make the ‘allow your location’ option a popup as soon as someone visits the site there’s a popup and then listings can be filtered based on location?

    ihor developer

    It’s possible to add such popup, but this requires advanced code customizations. If users search listings, they already have an option to click the “Locate Me” icon to pre-fill the location field.


    Okay cool – I’ll look into advanced customization

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