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    Hello! What a excellent and great work!!
    I’m looking for a tutorial, since the screencast have no sound I can’t understood every settings and so on


    Thanks! Please try following the screencasts from the docs step-by-step, they have no narration so non-English speakers can also follow them. They show the most common workflows in HivePress, like adding listings, categories, attributes, etc.

    I also recommend importing demo content to quickly understand how everything works. All HivePress settings are pretty intuitive, and some of them have tooltips with descriptions.

    Here’s a screencast that you can follow to get started


    thanks for your answer Ihor! I`m already testing on a localhost site, and I’m not getting the best results… my fault.
    The directory refer to listings, but in my case there is no listings, my directory is about artists (dancers, musicians, teachers of dance, choreographers, etc,) the author is not important in this case (may be myself the data entry), the search must be include country, state (province) arts discipline… Can you point me in the right direction to learn how to do all of this? Thank you in advance!


    I recommend starting with the demo content. Then you can install this plugin and change the “listing” word to “artist” (or any other of your choice). Then if you un-check the “Display vendors on the front-end” option in HivePress/Settings/Vendors section the author of the listing will not be displayed.


    thank you for your answer!

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