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    Hi ihor,

    I love the idea of the marketplace function and want to integrate into my site when it there is an option to include physical products. Do have a rough timeline when this feature will be included?

    I also want to request a specific feature. A ‘global’ marketplace

    So vendors can put individual items up for sale but all the products reflect on one page, ‘the global marketplace’.

    technical functions that might be difficult to enhance user experience: if a customer buys multiple products from this global marketplace, the individual sellers/vendors need to individually handle the delivery of the products rather than the siteowner having to get the products from each vendor first then delivering the order at once.

    is this possible?

    – Thank you!



    Thanks for your suggestions, but at the moment physical marketplace features are not planned, the idea behind the Marketplace extension is making the most lightweight solution for non-physical marketplaces, for selling services or digital downloads.

    Physical marketplaces require many more features like handling shipping, tracking, etc. There’re plugins the size of HivePress that implement just this (e.g. WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, Dokan plugins), so all the physical marketplace features wouldn’t fit into the extension.

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