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  • Cyberbee

    Hi Ihor and team,

    Hope you all are doing well and safe.
    I would like to know when will the booking plugin be integrated with Google Calendar please?

    Kind Regards

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I hope you are well too.
    Yes, we plan to integrate Bookings with Google Calendar and iCal as soon as possible.


    Thanks Ihor.
    Would it be the integration with Google calendars of the respective sellers or with the admin’s google calendar?
    And could you give an estimate of when it could be released?

    ihor developer

    We plan to add integration per seller (so there would be separate calendars like with Bookings + Marketplace), but we haven’t checked the Google API yet, I can’t say for sure if it’s 100% possible so unfortunately there’s no ETA for this feature yet. These extensions have a higher priority so they will get more frequent updates: Marketplace, Bookings, Requests, Memberships.


    Thanks for informing.
    How does the timezone work for the bookings? Is the time zone same for all the sellers or can it be changed individually? What is the best way you suggest to make it convenient to use for all the sellers and buyers?

    ihor developer

    Yes, in the current version it’s the same timezone, if you list some online services that may require different time zones (for buyers/sellers separately) please consider adding a custom Timezone attribute to the listing form (as a temporary workaround), so sellers will be able to indicate the timezone for buyers.


    Thanks ihor.
    Can the booking plugin be listing based (enabled for some listings and disabled for others)?


    And can it be made vendor based, i.e. enabled for some vendors only?

    ihor developer

    There’s no such feature at the moment but there were many requests for it, so we’ll consider adding the category-specific, listing-specific and other options for enabling/disabling bookings.


    ok. Please do consider implementing it soon as currently we are not able to onboard sellers who only provide time based services and not textual digital products/services in the same platform, and this could be another way to increase value by enabling bookings for premium sellers etc. these are just a few examples and there are more innovative use cases for this.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, we’ll try to find a solution for this, I noticed that there are many multi-directory websites built with HivePress, where listings have a different purpose (e.g. bookable and digital products).


    “There’s no such feature at the moment but there were many requests for it, so we’ll consider adding the category-specific, listing-specific and other options for enabling/disabling bookings.”

    I second this!!! I have two types of customers – time-based sellers and sellers of digital products/services.I cannit set the listing to support both types of sellers and it is a big pain in the a$$. Please let us know when this will be possible, as I prefer updated plugins to snippets. Big thanks!

    ihor developer

    It’ll most likely be added to the next Bookings update, we’ll release it as soon as possible (there will be a few other requested features, like the single-day bookings).


    we’re currently working on this issue for our customer. Has this been integrated yet? Is there a Github for Bookings?
    Thank you in advance

    ihor developer

    Sorry, it’s not available yet, there were features with a higher priority (price extras, day-specific pricing, etc) but we plan to implement syncing as soon as possible.


    PLEASE!!! Add this to the priority for the new release! It is absolutely necessary to make the site attractive. Other competitors have already this option which gives them an advantage in the market.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, we’ll add it as soon as possible.

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