Google Maps showing up blank map?

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  • JorgeIII

    We’ve installed the Geolocation extension and it had been working fine for a while, about 1 or 2 months ago.
    Recently, it started showing up blank in the sidebar.
    I’ve inspected the console, but it throws no error messages.
    Do you know what could it be? Thanks.

    Link to the archive page:


    If you created a child theme for ListingHive please try activating the parent theme for a moment and check if this issue persists, because the map seems to be ok on the demo site


    yeah, it does work in the child Theme. I wouldn’t want to modify the parent theme, is there a way to prevent this?


    I meant the parent theme, not the child theme


    Wait, it might be the custom css doing funky stuff


    Yeah, it was the custom css. My bad. Thanks Ihor


    No worries, I’ll close this topic then.

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