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    First, I really like the new updates to the Message extension! Two questions:

    1. How difficult would it be to add the option to make group messages? Meaning that a vendor can make a group and “invite” several buyers or other vendors to a group so they can all communicate together? This would provide high value for vendors who want to collaborate, or want to create “communities”

    2. Messages are shown in one long string today. How difficult would it be to the message thread as a “box” with scrolling? Just like any other message application.



    I am no developer but…

    1. I think you would be better off providing Vendors with a Telegram or Whatsup group or even online Forum for that… As I see it “messages extension is basic at best, made to get in touch, not to compete with messengers or forums. I don’t see any case scenario where vendors would want to be in a group on a site messenger – unless you just want to send offers to them…

    2. I would guess, if this is part of customization required by you – either do it yourself (CSS) or with help of freelancers. Personally I wouldn’t want messages to appear in some “box with a scrolling”…

    ihor developer


    1. There’s no such option at the moment, I recommend using third-party apps and services for integrating the advanced real-time chats and communities.

    2. This CSS snippet may do it:

    .hp-messages.hp-grid {
        max-height: 100px;
        overflow-y: auto;
        overflow-x: hidden;

    What third-party apps and services for integrating the advanced real-time chats that enables instant messaging needed for a freelancing marketplace platform would your recommend ? The seller and the buyer in my business need to communicate instantly where they can see each other typing the message. Any recommendation?
    Thank you

    ihor developer

    You can try using any embedded solution or WP plugin you like, but they may require integration (e.g. for adding a button to the order page). Also, please note that these services will not be restricted like the Messages extension, for example if you limit communication before the order is placed. I’ll also check if it’s possible to make the built-in messages real-time, but WordPress is not really suitable for real-time applications, this may cause performance issues.

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