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Gutenberg Blocks in Listing Editor

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    Hi Ihor – are Gutenberg blocks available in the listings? I’m able to use blocks freely in posts, pages, etc – but within the listing themselves, the editor no longer offers the ability to add blocks (Hivepress blocks – nor the more conventional blocks, as well)

    I’m trying to add some custom embeds to our listings on both Taskhive – and now Experthive on a listing by listing basis – I don’t know if it’s the way we have out default hivepress installation across a few projects that is causing a conflict – or if it’s just that blocks don’t play well with listings by design – but if you could advise, i’d appreciate!

    ihor developer


    By default, Gutenberg is not enabled for custom post types like listings, I can provide a code snippet to enable it but please note that in this case editing listings via the front-end will not work properly, since there’s still a plain text (or TinyMCE) editor. This may work only if there’s no user-generated content and you add/manage all listings via the back-end.

    Also, please try pasting the embed URL into the listing description, embeds may work even without Gutenberg enabled https://wordpress.org/support/article/embeds/


    Thanks, Ihor – unfortunately the content isn’t embedding without Gutenberg – absolutely did try that first.

    If you could post that snippet – i’m happy to have it – for the time being, I’m simply managing the listings directly from back end – so giving up user submissions works.

    If I use the snippet for enabling Gutenberg blocks within the listings – and then later, remove the snippet to enable front end submissions (from users) – will the content I add now, using the snippet – remain – or will deleting the snippet also “hide” the content created when it was active?

    Thanks again! (PS – I did do a quick walkthrough of the ExpertHive front page – and added some other first thoughts as well – will send you a link to the video if you’d like it – although it’s a bit longer than I initially planned)

    ihor developer

    Sorry, I forgot that Gutenberg takes the entire screen and it will hide all the listing meta boxes and settings. If there’s a shortcode alternative for those embeds please consider using a shortcode instead. Also, if you disable Gutenberg later and allow users to edit listings the blocks may be lost (WordPress may remove them on the next listing update).

    Thanks for the walkthrough, really appreciate this. I also plan to publish some video tutorials for devs, I hope the HivePress community and ecosystem of themes/extensions will grow during the following months.


    Hey @goodkarma ! I am running a site using ListingHive, and I have been reading some of your feedback and questions to the HivePress theme. Seems like you are just as excited about their effort in creating a great product as we are at our team. However, I was wondering if you would be so kind and spare some time and give us a good advice in terms of how to customise the theme in WordPress? Our problem is, that we are skilled software engineers, but we are used to other setups than WordPress. Ihor has been so kind to explain us what to do, but we still need to crack the nut 🙂

    If you could spare some time, please be so kind and connect with me on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-barfred-74a552a2/). Thank you so much in advance! Will pay you back big time with good karma 🙂

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