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    I’m using multi-themes on my website, with ListingHive on the directory page only.

    1. Currently, my directory page is showing the default ListingHive header and footer. How do I change them to be consistent with the rest of my site?

    2. How do I change the fonts and button design/colour to be consistent with my branding? I assume it needs some CSS tweaking.

    Thank you.

    ihor developer

    1. If possible send more details, is this some plugin for keeping multiple active themes at once?
    2. Please try changing colors, fonts etc. in Appearance/Customize section, for example you can change the main colors to match your branding.



    1. Yes, it’s called the Multiple Themes plugin (https://zatzlabs.com/project/multiple-themes/). My website is primarily a news site about restaurants and cafe scene in my country (e.g. new openings, food reviews etc), but I’d really like to integrate a directory as well. Hoping to use ListingHive for that.

    2. The font I’m using is not in the Appearance/Customize section

    ihor developer

    You can try using HivePress plugin without ListingHive, it’ll have some basic styles but will match the current theme style. With some CSS tweaks HivePress layouts may perfectly match the current branding (e.g. the font will be the same by default). This may be easier than loading 2 themes and customizing ListingHive.

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