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Header background for categories

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    Hello. As I understand it, the header background of the categories, when you click on them, is the top of the category image. And in my case, it’s a cropped head or some other cropped place that doesn’t look very nice … Is it possible to somehow change the background for the title in the category?

    serhii developer

    Sorry, but there’s no such option at the moment, this would require customizations. If this works for you, we can provide a CSS snippet for setting the same header image for all categories.


    Yes,please. I would be grateful for that.


    Following 😀

    serhii developer

    Please try using this CSS snippet and replace “example” with an image URL you want to set as the header for all categories. You can find out the URL of images that are used on your website in the Media > Library section.
    .tax-hp_listing_category .header-hero{background-image:url('example')}

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