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    I attempted to assign a header image to my ListingHive theme using the WordPress theme customizer. The crop function produces an error message when editing a photo pulled from the Media Library, but I am still able to assign an image without the crop function. However, the header image only appears on certain pages and then only the top part of the image. I don’t know if this is a bug, or if I have my settings wrong.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Hi there – I am having a related if not similar issue.

    I am able to upload a header image via the customizer in wordpress, but it only appears on the inside pages (not the home page, which is still the default/demo image).

    On another related note, is it possible to remove the overlay on these headers? Currently searching thru the CSS but can’t seem to find the right line.



    Hi, I tried out the Listing theme and it says, that my header image has to have 0 pixels. No image is showing up. Is this a bug? It is a nice theme and I hope there will come a fix soon.



    Please let me know if this issue occurs with cropping only, or it’s ok if you click “Skip Cropping”? You can also send temporary WP access to support@hivepress.io and I’ll check it. If there’s a bug it will be fixed in the next update.

    Please check this screenshot https://prnt.sc/sp9trf If you add a “More” block, everything above it will be displayed with a background, here’s how it looks on the front-end https://demo.hivepress.io/ You can also import demo content to get the same layout as on the demo site. This CSS snippet should remove the overlay:

    .header-hero--cover:after {display:none}


    I was able to use the “Skip Cropping” function and the “More” block to make the header image visible on the home page. There’s still an issue with cropping, but it works otherwise.


    Is this the same issue?

    I have this header image for a category.


    You can see that right at the bottom of the image are letters in red. These spell sale.

    Basically I want to crop all my header images to fit the header space at the top properly. That would mean that, for the image above, I want to ‘move it up’ so that the word ‘Sale’ appears behind the text.

    Is this what your cropping option will allow me to do?

    Many thanks.


    Yes, but you can crop it before setting it as a header image directly in WordPress/Media section, and then navigate to Appearance/Customize to set it. Also, you can crop and optimize it before uploading it to the media library.


    Pre-cropping does not work. The theme says the image is assigned but it does not display.Category images display on other pages as a header image but not on the Home page. Have tried other themes and the whole process works fine. I think there are many of us now suffering from this issue and it is certainly a showstopper for me. Any news please?


    Thanks for replying ihor, for me, when I add an image as a category picture it looks fine.

    Like this:


    However, when I click it, to view the sub-categories, that is the image I want to crop because it doesn’t look exactly right.

    Like this:


    How can I fix it?

    Many thanks.


    @kevinedwards6591 This is a minor Customizer issue that will be fixed in the next theme version, you can still edit and crop images directly in WordPress/Media section. Once you upload and crop an image, you can then select it as a header image in Appearance/Customize section, and just skip cropping.

    If you’re trying to change the home page image please make sure that this page doesn’t have it’s own featured image, then it has a higher priority and it’s displayed instead of the global header image set in Appearance/Customize (you can edit the Home page in WordPress/Pages section to check this).


    @ianantwalks Category grid images are cropped to the portrait format (centered), the header images are cropped to 1600×900 size max and displayed at the top (this is required for the parallax effect). If you’re familiar with CSS you can disable the parallax effect and center the header image with CSS if this is required for your site.


    Hi ihor.

    Thanks for explaining how it works. I’m not actually that familiar with CSS, as I am sure you can gather. But I’ll do some research on it. Is there any chance as a feature request you could make header images automatically scale (not sure if that is the right word) in the future?

    Many thanks.


    Thanks, I’ll try to improve the image cropping/scaling in ListingHive.

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