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header image problem

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    What size header image at home page should be prepared to be displayed well? I tryed so many sizes but they was usually deformed on home page. There is an info that this theme works with image 1600 x 800 px. But then we should cut it to suit well. There is no info to which size it is cutted and after it not all image is shown. When we skip cutting the image is quite big and is not proportional to whole page. Although image is display ok.

    ihor developer

    The header background image is always centered and resized to cover the header area, this depends on the device screen size. By default, if you upload any image bigger than 1600x800px, it’ll be cropped to the 1600x800px size. So there’s no specific size required for the header background, you can just upload images (of at least 1600px width) and check if it looks good.


    Sorry, something is not correct. I uploaded image 1600 x 800 px. And this is how it looks like at my web site. According to me header is half od real image. And I don’t know how to prepare image to be full size displayed.



    Header is half of height real image. Width is Ok.

    ihor developer

    The header section height doesn’t depend on the background image height, it depends on the content you add to this section. Please consider using the header section content instead of adding texts to the background image, for example you can add the texts from your screenshot by adding 2 columns to the header content (and add any other content, like the title and text on the demo site https://demo.hivepress.io/). The background image size can’t be predicted since the browser will resize it automatically to cover the whole header section, and it can be different on different devices.


    I added 1600 x 800 content. And half of that content is displayed. I don’t think it makes any difference whether I add text to the image or not – it’s still an image format. The problem is how it is displayed, not what is on it. If “the size of the background image cannot be predicted because the browser will automatically resize it to cover the entire header section”, how can I prepare the image to display full, not just half? After all, something controls how this image is displayed.

    ihor developer

    This is a background image, not the content image and the browser will just resize it automatically to cover the whole header section (this depends on the content you add inside the section, on the screen width, etc).

    If you add more content to the header section then the visible part of the background image will be bigger since the added content will increase the section height. You can try adding a few paragraphs of text there or resize the browser window to test how it works.

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