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    1. How do fixed the header? I used the CSS code .site-header {position: fixed}, but misaligned the content of the header and all pages.

    2. I want to keep the text “Add Listing” in the mobile version in place of the [+] button. I’m having trouble making this change via code.

    Note: As we are an online classified, I believe it is important to keep the button with the text “Add Listing” always in full prominence within the site.


    1. Please check this topic https://hivepress.io/support/topic/help-make-the-menu-sticky/#post-1326

    2. It’s necessary for the current header layout because the caption wouldn’t fit https://prnt.sc/t6j551 If you’re familiar with HTML you can try customizing the header and make some changes, e.g. move button on its own row.

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