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Headline obscuring logo in mobile view

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    Hi there, Please see what’s happening with the mobile view. The headline of the first blog post (white type) isn’t resizing so it’s leaking out of the photo and covering the logo.
    A workaround for this could be the option to separate the headline from the photo (desktop and mobile). Any suggested code for this? Or any other workaround, please?
    View test site

    Thank you,



    Thanks, it’s a known issue and I plan to fix it in the next ListingHive update. Please use this temporary fix to make the font smaller on mobile:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 47.99em) {
    .post--archive .post__title {font-size:1.3rem}

    Great, thank you!
    If there is an opportunity to put in a request, here is mine:
    The default is to show headline within image, which sits above excerpt.
    Please make option to have headline to appear above, with image aligned-left next to excerpt of blog post.


    Thanks, I’ll consider adding more layout options for blog posts.


    Awesome, thanks! And thank you for developing this theme. Heading over to Donate now 🙂



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