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    Hello! First, I want to congratulate you on the extensions you have made. And I plan to buy all paid extensions if my site I make works properly.
    Unfortunately, I have several problems for which I will ask for your help.
    I will enclose a few photos with an explanation so that you can understand me more correctly, if you wish I will also give you access to the site so that you can look at it in personal.

    The first problem is when I visit hivepress-settings-listing and try to change some of the settings and save them, then I get a page with this message Nothing found
    Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms. Please try again with some different keywords. And I can’t figure out what’s going on.

    The second problem is not allowing me to add new listings as a new user.

    And the third problem is that when I try to make more attributes and category options when adding a new listing it doesn’t show up at all or doesn’t allow more than one attribute to be selected.

    I will send to you this information on the e-mail support@hivepress.io with username and password for administration profil.

    ihor developer


    Please make sure that your WP installation is not broken – the “/wp-admin/options.php?tab=listings” URL path shouldn’t trigger the 404 (not found) error, it’s a core WP path that should work by default. It seems that all other issues are also caused by this reason.

    I recommend switching to some managed WP hosting (like EasyWP, or any other popular hosting provider offering 1-click WP installation), you’ll get HTTPS address for your site by default (currently it’s displayed as “not secure” because of HTTP) and these issues will be resolved.


    Hello again! I installed a new wordpress on another domain and then installed your plugin and theme. I immediately went into the settings and tried to change something. Then again this one showed me this error is happening. “Nothing found
    Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms. “Please help and if you can explain to me step by step how I can fix it.

    ihor developer

    This issue is not related to the domain name, but the hosting provider (or the server environment if it’s your server) you’re using, please try switching your hosting provider. You can try any other one that offers free trial or try EasyWP for $1 just to check this. I’m sure that this is a hosting provider issue because there are no other reports of this issue and HivePress uses the native WordPress API for registering the admin settings.


    Hello again ! Unfortunately I can’t migrate to EasyWP. But the hosting company I use also offering 1-click WP installation. I did a new installation and then installed ssl on the new site. I also imported your demo, but this error occurs again. Is there any other way to fix it? If you can tell me, because I really like your plugin and I really want to work with you in the future.


    If it is not a problem for you and if you can go inside the site to view it as a professional…


    Hello again ! I consulted with a developer in fiverr and after reviewing, he explained that the problem is not in wp. He told me to contact you again for a consultation.

    ihor developer

    I highly recommend just trying another hosting provider, or just install it on a local WP installation (I installed it hundreds of times locally and do this every week, also there are 2,000+ active HivePress websites and no other reports like this – so I assume this is a hosting setup issue). You can try any other managed WP hosting you like.

    HivePress strictly follows the WordPress API (registers settings and post types via the native WP functions), so things like saving attributes and settings should cause such issues by default.

    The reason may be the PHP version installed on your hosting provider’s servers (for example, PHP 8 is not fully supported yet), or very specific security settings (e.g. they may block third-party plugins from redirecting the settings page after saving). So switching to another provider should resolve all these issues.

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