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help configuring Mapbox api

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  • aportodas

    hi ihor / Yevhen, I’m trying to configure the mapbox api and I don’t know how to do it.
    1- Is there any tutorial to follow ?
    2- What kind of map or essential features do I have to select or configure to make it work with HivePress ?


    I just created an account and there at: https: // there was an api that I pasted and it works. and on the website: you can check the number of used map views.
    Fabulously simple compared to google.


    but perhaps a better solution is to add a new domain-restricted token. I didn’t do it because my domain is offline


    Lo voy a probar
    Muchisimas gracias

    ihor developer

    Thanks @Stiffcio
    Yes, restricting the API key is a good idea, to prevent using it by other websites.


    I have copied the api token that is published for everyone and it works. I have tried to create a private one for my domain but it is really crazy to set up a new private token for my website only. There are a thousand super technical options and you have to be a professional to know how to do it or follow a tutorial that will guide you the steps and be able to follow them.

    If there is someone from the iHor support service or company, or a user who is in my situation and knows how to do so, I would appreciate it if you could help me.

    A hug and thank you.

    yevhen developer

    Please just create Mapbox account and you can freely use the public key. For example, displaying Mapbox map is needed to use only public key


    Thank you Yevhen, what I don’t know how to do is what ihor told me in this post.

    He says “Yes, restricting the API key is a good idea, to avoid its use by other websites. ”

    If you can help me do it, I appreciate it.

    yevhen developer

    If you have not set up billing for Mapbox then it is ok to use their public key until we add a separate option for private keys. Please set the public key and check if the maps & location search work.

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