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    anyone know how to use my matfury theme login and registration for hivepress? because if i clock my localhost/my-account/ button that redirect to localhost/account/
    how to back loclahost/my-account to login and register


    Sorry, but I can’t provide support for a third-party theme, please consider using the official ListingHive theme (or some lightweight one like Storefront) and you will not have to switch forms or make any customizations to fix conflicts.


    I just checked the theme you mentioned and it doesn’t support HivePress, it was developed for Dokan (or WC Vendors) plugin instead.


    so how to remove redirerct /account/ and change to my-account/ agian


    Martfury theme doesn’t support HivePress, it is based on Dokan plugin (as claimed in the theme description on ThemeForest), using it with HivePress will cause numerous conflict, because these plugins implement the same features. Please use your theme with Dokan (or another plugin that the theme developer recommends) or consider using another theme (ListingHive, Storefront…) if you plan to use HivePress.

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