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Help needed for a few questions

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  • Allen

    As per the title, the first question is that I would like to hide my office address in the billing address, may I know how to do it?

    Also, is it possible to list out all the functionality available to the vendor? because for now it only shows the functionality one by one after the user starts listing or starts sending a message to another user and etc, the buyer account I created doesn’t have the red dot noticing them that the seller has marked their order as delivered.

    The last question would be when would the user is able ask to withdraw their payment?


    ihor developer

    1. Please let me know which address you mean, the website billing address displayed on the order “Thank You” page?
    2. All users have the buyer role by default, once you approve the first listing for some user this user becomes a vendor (gets a front-end vendor profile). There are notifications for some of the order events (e.g. if the order is delivered and/or rejected/completed) users and vendors are notified via email.
    3. This depends on your website terms, most marketplaces I’ve worked with process payouts once a month (on the 15th of the following month, so there’s always at least a 2-week delay to cover possible refunds). You can also set the minimum payout amount in settings to avoid micropayment fees.
    Hope this helps.


    1. The billing address I noticed is user dashboard>orders>view order> billing address section, I didn’t look through the Thank You page, so might be there as well.

    2. I see

    3. Ok, may I know how to setup the payout option?

    ihor developer

    1. If you mean customer details they see their own address by default, but if you want to simplify the checkout form this tutorial may help
    3. Please add the payout methods you offer in Payouts/Methods section. Also, please check settings in HivePress/Settings/Payouts (e.g. you can set the minimum amount there). Then sellers will be able to request payouts via the front-end, payout requests will be available for the site admin in WordPress/Payouts section. Once you process a payout, please remove the Pending status from it.


    1. Ok, Solved

    3. Still trying the payout methods

    Another Question I would like to ask is about disputes, when a buyer submits a dispute, then how would the dispute works? For example, where should the admin check for new disputes, where should the buyer and seller check for the dispute status update and so on.

    yevhen developer

    At the moment the dispute form sends an email notification to the website admin (setting the customer email address in the “reply to” field so it is possible to continue the conversation). We plan to implement a fully-featured dispute process (where sellers can also reply, within the same thread), but it is not available in the current version.


    Looking forward to the fully-featured dispute process 🙂

    By the way, I have tried out the dispute function, is it possible to also allow the seller to request a dispute?

    yevhen developer

    Unfortunately there is not such possibility


    Hello Ihor and Yevhen, regarding the coming ” fully-featured dispute process ” would it include a feature for the admin to view attachment files between the buyer and the seller in order to resolve the dispute in more efficient way and match the chat between the buyer and seller and the files attached to make sure which one is right and not just depending on the chat? and if this feature is already exist, can you please show me how can I view it?

    As always thanks for the help,
    Looking forward to the fully-featured dispute process

    ihor developer

    This feature is not available yet, but it’s planned – we’ll make the delivery/rejection timeline public so admins will be able to view it (the public rejection/delivery notes are already added to the recent update).


    Thank you for the feedback, looking forward for the update.

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