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Help With Package and Category Backouts

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    Greetings ihor,

    Currently testing out the features of my site and have set up WooCommerce, and PayPal and everything seems to be working fine. Except in the following process:

    – Vendor Logs In
    – Vendor Clicks “+ Add Listing”
    – Vendor selects category (by the way, is there any way to make this step like a scrolldown option in
    the following form?)
    – Vendor Fills out the form and hits “Submit”
    – Package Choice page comes up, Vendor needs to make a change to the form and hits the back button. However, gets redirected all the way back to select a category. Selects original category and is redirected back to the package page. Has no option to make any changes on the form. Gets redirected to Home Page.

    I’ve tried logging out and back in and starting a new Listing, but is having the same issues.

    Do you have any feedback?



    Thanks for reporting this issue, I’ll check it before releasing the next version of Paid Listings extension.

    by the way, is there any way to make this step like a scrolldown option in the following form?

    I plan to implement this sooner or later, but it would require live reloading of the form fields, since there can be category-specific fields.

    Thanks ihor.

    Really starting to feel comfortable in the HivePress environment and it is really starting to look like what I had in my head!

    Really helps to have the developer be as responsive as you are!

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