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Hide “name of the page” bar/header/image

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  • Pau N

    Hi Ihor, i have a question, how can i hide the header auto created with the name of the page, every page i make has a “double cover”, one with the name of the page Ex. About us (Sobre nosotros) , and other with the “cover” (“Sobre nosotros” but with a bigger picture and maybe a text animation) .


    i tried adding before the cover the “more” to hide the first “sobre nosotros”, but doesn’t work


    If you want to hide it for all pages then this CSS snippet should do it:

    .header-hero--title {display:none}

    Pau N

    Thanks Ihor, that worked, is there a way to make the “cover” block full width?

    if it isn’t , how can i customize the header hero? i want to make a h1 title and underneath a text with a “Typping effect” code. I tried putting a text block underneat it and then a “More” block, but it doesn’t work. I’m trying to make it look like the demo, but my front page isn’t the listing page.

    Pau N

    i found the solution for full width

    i added this code to the functions.php

    add_theme_support( ‘align-wide’ );


    Thanks for posting the solution, this code should work (along with the custom styles for the “alignwide” CSS class). If the typewriter plugin implements a shortcode you can try adding it via the “shortcode” block.

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