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    Hello! I believe that this extension has enormous potential, it is an excellent marketing strategy. My suggestions, but if possible, please, can you provide me with a code snippet or suggestion so that I can already use the following features?

    1. Fixed the Search Alerts below the attributes search button (when selecting a category, already display the Search Alerts);
    2. Display Search Alerts as a button (to highlight this feature);
    3. Notify the site administrator every time a Search Alerts is defined (Suggestion is to create a session on HivePress to display this information to the administrator, for now, please, is it possible to send this data to the administrator’s email? This would help to know what the user needs, giving the possibility to deliver the desired listing in an agile way).


    Thanks for your suggestions. It’s not possible to implement these with a simple code snippet, but I’ll consider adding them to the future updates. If you’re familiar with CSS you can try to re-style this link as a button. For the 3, I plan to add some kind of a dashboard extension that would display all the analytics from other extensions, e.g. the most popular saved searches.

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