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Hivepress and Advanced Custom Fields

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    I am using Hivepress and ACF for my project and was wondering how to display custom fields.
    I can add the extra fields and edit them for each listing but cannot find the individual template for a listing to add the hooks for my new fields, I understand the templates are organized as individual blocks. I have worked with ACF and woocommerce where it is possible to customize the template for a single product, displaying the extra fields. I was wondering if something similar is possible with Hivepress and ListingHive, so that not only the custom fields are displayed but, they are also added in the “add listing” form.

    Really nice plugin overrall


    Please try using the built-in HivePress attributes, you can add custom fields in Listings/Attributes section and display them in different areas of the listing, make them sortable, searchable, etc. Integrating ACF fields with listings would require code customizations, by default it will just add fields to the back-end meta box.

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