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Hivepress Marketplace + Woocomerce reviews

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  • Alan

    Can i use WooCommerce reviews pro: with hivepress marketplace?
    Do you have any backend demo available for marketplace add-on ?


    Unfortunately, it will not work because HivePress uses WooCommerce for payments only, so the WooCommerce product pages and layouts are hidden. You can still use WooCommerce extensions that alter the back-end settings (e.g. some payment gateway extension).

    There’s no back-end demo yet, but this extension just adds marketplace settings to the HivePress/Settings section (commission rate, enable/disable disputes, etc.), you can check the front-end demo here


    Reading the docs: “It integrates HivePress with WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin, by creating a hidden product for each listing and calculating the vendor’s earnings on sales.”
    So if i want to add a Gutenberg blocks “woocommerce reviews” (linked to this hidden product) on the listing page it will not work?


    If you manually link it with the listing product ID then it should work (or link it via a custom code snippet to set the product ID automatically).

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