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    A remote jobs listing for South Africans


    https://petslist.org/ listing pets for sales around your local area. Hivepress is such an amazing plugin really worked perfectly for what I am doing. Thank you Ihor


    The more I use this theme the more I enjoy it! We’re at 100 listings and counting!. https://campsite-canada.com

    Thank you Ihor!


    https://thekaservice.com HivePress is the best!!


    @TMDPEG how did you make a full width header image?




    @Sharne from Hi5 – get remote.co.za is a nice website.
    great work – can you please tell me how you made separate login forms for Company and Applicant.
    Please let me know what plugins you have used for the Search – and what plugins you used on the website – it will help us learn. Thank you very much


    Perhaps you used Companies as Vendors – who post Jobs – and Job seekers as regular members.
    I was wondering if it is possible to build a list of different kinds of entities – and match them by attributes and give it a % match etc. Any ideas anyone — has someone does this – if so – pls Showcase


    @taranbatra – nice website – is it just for Bangalore mostly – how did you get the ads – which service are you using for it ? its like an unlimited ad scroll – interesting. pls share.

    Sharne from Hi5

    @unitehearts Thanks so much for checking out getremote.co.za – to separate the registration I used a plugin called Ultimate Member. It’s really powerful and works well with ListingPress theme.

    It allows you to create multiple user permissions and multiple forms, and then assign user permission upon completing form.

    The second great feature is that it allows you to use these user permissions to control access to content on the website. So essentially I created 2 different views depending on whether you’re logged in, a jobseeker, or a company.

    Jobseekers have their own profile page via Ultimate Member and cannot post job listings (I hid this functionality from them). Company profiles have access to the job listing posting functionality.

    Hope this helps! It took a lot of trial and error.


    @Sharne – thanks for this – does Ultimate Member clash with Buddypress – which I am already using ?

    Sharne from Hi5

    @unitehearts I’m not sure. If Buddypress allows for user management then I assume it might clash, yes. What I like about Ultimate Member is that it’s quite seamless with WordPress’ and HivePress’ user management sections.


    @cventuram, You have built a nice website – Nice buttons on the listing card

    Is there a way to restrict only Logged in users from clicking email and phone? Prevent clicking it – but can know that it is available.

    Same way by which only the Logged in member can send a Message to the Lister


    Working on a Ski Industry Jobs page – https://skijobs.com.au

    A good project to refresh my WordPress skills at worst, a good idea in a niche market if things go right! :’D

    One useful thing I learn from this section is how to have a field work as a button so people can apply to jobs via mailto:, tel: or direct url link depending

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