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  • condorito

    appliftr.com is great !

    ihor developer

    @Bryn This requires CSS customizations (removing the header background, changing font, paddings, etc).


    @ihor thanks! And thank you so much for your explanation. I’ll go ahead and play with those meta fields and see if I can make it work. Really appreciate all the work you do.

    do you mean the header/menu part? I can send you the CSS I’ve used after I clean it up.

    thank you!


    @appliftr yes the header/ menu part. That would be most helpful. Thank you.


    thanks ihor, the buttons are now clickable.

    one more doubt, how can i hide the listing added date from block(secondary)?
    it shows, for ex: added on july 27, 2020.

    ihor developer

    @tech57online The CSS code snippet from this topic should do it https://hivepress.io/support/topic/how-do-i-remove-the-date-from-the-listings/

    PS. Please don’t reply in a new topic each time, as you can see this topic is named “HivePress Showcase” and it’s created here only for showcasing websites build with HivePress. You already created a topic for the clickable attributes issue, you can simply reply there https://hivepress.io/support/topic/clickable-buttons-on-blocksprimary/ Otherwise it’s impossible to track the conversation.


    One more from Brazil
    Thanks Ihor


    I was working on my new listing site for the past days and i will showcase it here when i finish the full setup.
    This theme (ListingHive) is best suiting for listing/directory sites.
    With this theme, for me, adding new post to listing was very simple, Also, this theme gives a good clean and simple appearance to the users. Thank you.

    Peter John

    @cventuram How did you remove the image from the card?


    @appliftr, how you create this: https://prnt.sc/ttuxzw ?


    @Peter John, I used the following code:

    .hp-listing__header {

    @isaab sorry for my late reply.
    You have to create each button as an Attribute.
    On your WordPress admin dashboard go to Listings > Attributes.
    Click on Add New.
    Complete the fields
    Select the corresponding icon.
    Place the following code on each Format field:

    <a href="tel:%value%">%icon% %label%</a>

    <a href="mailto:%value%">%icon% %label%</a>

    <a href="%value%">%icon% %label%</a>

    Keep in mind that:
    %value% will show whatever the user has input in the attribute,
    %icon% will show the icon you select for that Attribute
    %label% will show the title you have typed in for the Attribute.

    Let me know if this helps.


    @appliftr what are the techniques you have used to increase your sitespeed for: https://appliftr.com


    @tech57online thanks for checking out my website! I used WP fastest cache plugin. Google for “wp fastest cache settings”, I used the settings that the first blog recommended. Still have some speed improvements to do, but I first want to finish setting everything up.


    @vdrive6 I basically did what @cventuram explained but used Font Awesome, so you’ll need to incorporate that into your website. My codes for each of the fields are:

    <a href="https://www.instagram.com/%value%" target="_blank"><i class="fab fa-instagram"></i><span class="contact-text"><span></a>

    <i class=”fas fa-phone-alt”></i><span class=”contact-text”><span>

    <i class=”fas fa-globe-americas”></i><span class=”contact-text”><span>

    Don’t forget to set the attribute types for each of them to work (eg. URL for website and Instagram and phone number for phone).

    The icons float next to each other with the following code:

    .hp-listing--view-page .hp-listing__attributes--primary .hp-listing__attribute {
    	display: inline;

    Good luck!


    okay, thanks @appliftr


    @appliftr thanks. your recommendations worked for me. Now, my site pagespeed got increased.
    can i contact you personally? my email: tech57online@gmail.com


    @tech57online of course! I sent you an email.


    @appliftr, how to remove small border under icon and how to center the icons?

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