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  • zulazai

    I just want to say this is truly the best Directory Theme out there. Period. As good as the theme is, it is further complemented with the wonderful after support. Brother @ihor is always there to respond quickly and patiently. I have become his life long customer and will always support Hivepress and all other products of his.

    ihor developer

    @zulazai Thanks for the kind words! If you haven’t already, please take a moment to post your review on WP.org https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/hivepress/reviews/?filter=5 It really helps to continue the HivePress development.


    @cventuram Where do you paste that Font Awesome button code? also ho would i change the add listing text? sorry if silly questions im new to wordpress!

    ihor developer

    @Thrower82 There will be a new option for attribute icons in the next version, it’ll be released in a few days so code customizations are not required.


    @ihor that’s amazing!! Another question if I may? How do I go about changing the fields a user can input when they add a listing?
    Also on the hivepress settings on the listing tab only, when I click save I get a 403 error page?

    ihor developer

    @Thrower82 Please check the “Adding attributes” screencast https://hivepress.io/docs/getting-started/adding-content/ It shows how to add custom fields to the listing form. The 403 error may be caused by the hosting provider, this error means that the page is blocked for some reason, if this issue persists please try contacting the hosting provider.

    If you have any other questions please add a new topic, this one is just for posting links to sites built with HivePress.


    @ihor Yes apologies for the out of topic questions, Will post link when done! thank you for your help.


    I made another one: 81gr.com or zradlo.com
    I have integrated some ajax plugin, it works nice on the front page, but would love to somehow got it working in a category page like this one 81gr.com/fashion/dresses/ Would be nice if at least category select in the filter form would direct at category page- I mean to 81gr.com/fashion/dresses/ instead of https://www.81gr.com/?s=&_sort=&post_type=hp_listing&_category=472&price%5B%5D=1.39&price%5B%5D=1107.88 I guess this is hard to achievable without lot of coding, right?

    ihor developer

    @mik256 It’s possible with the advanced customizations, but categories have their own pages by default, so they will be indexed with nice URLs anyways.

    Pau N

    Hi @vdrive6 , i loved the animation of the text in your header image, how you did it? thanks

    ihor developer

    If there’s a typewriter animation you can try using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/animated-typing-effect/


    Great website NHoefly. Looks really terrific.

    Would be grateful to know how you got the featured listings on your home page,

    Pau N

    Thanks Ihor, the plugin worked great!


    My link is here: https://authenticauthorsofcolor.com

    The issue I’m having is that people are registering but not all of them are showing up in my vendor list. Some of them up in the vendor list and I don’t know how to get all the users in the vendor list. I’m assuming that they have to create a listing in order to be on the vendor list? And when some register, the role will go to contributor, even though I have the default set to subscriber.


    Hi, could you kindly assist:

    we have a constant uncaught argument count error in the class-mutator part of the plugin. The issue is “too few arguments to function HivePress\Models\Mode::set_property

    The line that is generating this error is directed to this piece of code:

    final protected function set_property( $name, $value, $prefix = ” ) {
    $method = $prefix . ‘set_’ . $name;

    Could you direct on a possible fix, please?

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