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    Hi all, running http://www.thefreeadvertiser.biz, but seems when submitting a business it just refreshes the form and does not submit it, anyone have similar issues?

    ihor developer

    @Thrower82 You can send temporary WP access to support@hivepress.io and I’ll check this issue. Please don’t post other issues or replies here, this topic is for posting site URLs only.


    Hey Cventuram,
    Love your site(https://2go.wine), both the old and new.
    How can i make the header transparent on my website (https://plantzeebo.com/) in order to make the photo appear behind it ?


    We just finished our Montessori inspired school and activity guide using HivePress for the schools listings. There are a few other items we included such as Q&A forums with quite a few theme customizations:
    Montessori Wikihttps://montessoriwiki.com/

    Let us know what you think!


    @xtsonik, it would be great if there’s 3rd party login service such as Google & Facebook.


    Here is mine. Love the theme and plug-in. https://mypria.org/


    A site where you can Find Out Who Delivers Near You – https://letsgetdelivery.com/


    Seems like you did it! Sorry that I could not reply earlier.

    Thank you for your compliments. Your site looks amazing too!


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    Hi Cventuram,
    Thanks for your compliment on my website.
    I still haven’t figured out a way to make the header transparent.
    It would be great if you could help me with that.


    I am considering to change to HivePress on http://www.stylingguiden.se


    Hi, so now is my turn!


    This is kind of local website. Listings, some informations, buddypress, comapnies catalog etc.

    If you have any question – ask!

    Ihor – one more time, your work is amazing, I will support it! Waiting for some updates 😀


    So, more info.

    Now my service are fully available. This is portal for society of neighbourhood (15.000-17.000), tmy target is about 12.000 of them.

    I used hivepress to create some activities. Categories are diffrent, for example – social, marketplace, charity etc. – all category have other atributes – price, city, date, hour etc. – depend of each other catgory. URL: https://gminaczernica.pl ; https://gminaczernica.pl/listings

    I used external wigets, for example for charity – polish portal to make own charity site and donate money. There is comapnies catalog, i used better docs to creat FAQ,s – change some information and this is comfortable tool to have some catalogs. URL: https://gminaczernica.pl/firmy . Search box on front page is companies catalog one.

    And some other sub-sites like public transport, weather, alerts etc.

    Hivepress is fully usable to create some types of activities.

    ihor developer

    @Lenki Thanks for sharing your experience! I’d check your site but it seems that it’s blocked for visitors outside of Poland, I get 403 error on all pages.

    Bardzo się cieszę że HivePress się przydał:)


    @ihor I want to discuss with you about something. I started some actions and small sites/companies which are using some good open-source stuff, to show people that making active internet (this is my goal, better knowledge about open-source and that is easy) – this bright site of web. And Hivepress impressed me so much, that I wand promote it here. So please – feel free to send me message on lenki@lenki.org

    And what I should do with this 403 error? Can you send me your screen? I’ve tried with VPN abroad and was everything good.




    Coaches and courses to help you level-up.


    Whoops, link here – guru-search.com


    @damibabs Nice one!


    Thank you @lenki!


    Here’s a link to the second site I’ve built with Hivepress. Great plugin! Gimlionline.ca Thank’s Igor!

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