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    @omarie Yes, user should have at least one approved listing to get the vendor profile. Please try registering a new user without adding listings, the role should be set to subscriber first (only vendors get the contributor role, this role is required for basic editing capabilities).

    If it’s possible to reproduce this issue please send the details (with temporary WP access) to support@hivepress.io and I’ll check it.

    Please don’t use this topic for reporting issues (it was created for showcasing websites built with HivePress), you can always create a new one.


    @ihor thank you for the reply. Will send info as requested, in the morning 🙂

    I realised after posting that it was under the showcase category once I finished browsing, By then it was too late. Thought about posting under a more appropriate category, but didnt want to repeat the mistake.


    I made a guide to find minority and woman-owned businesses: https://appliftr.com.

    Love the theme, thank you so much.
    Just wondering if there’s any way to bulk import location? Either city name or exact address from a spreadsheet would be amazing. I just can’t get them to work with geolocation.

    ihor developer

    @appliftr Nice customization! Locations are stored in 3 custom meta fields: “hp_location” (location name), “hp_latitude” and “hp_longitude”. Depending on the listings format you want to import (e.g. CSV or XML), you can map columns to these meta fields. Please create a new topic if you have further questions, this one is just for posting website links.


    Hi there ihor

    I was wondering how you can get the image on your websites home screen to look like they the one that @appliftr has done?


    appliftr.com is great !

    ihor developer

    @Bryn This requires CSS customizations (removing the header background, changing font, paddings, etc).


    @ihor thanks! And thank you so much for your explanation. I’ll go ahead and play with those meta fields and see if I can make it work. Really appreciate all the work you do.

    do you mean the header/menu part? I can send you the CSS I’ve used after I clean it up.

    thank you!


    @appliftr yes the header/ menu part. That would be most helpful. Thank you.


    thanks ihor, the buttons are now clickable.

    one more doubt, how can i hide the listing added date from block(secondary)?
    it shows, for ex: added on july 27, 2020.

    ihor developer

    @tech57online The CSS code snippet from this topic should do it https://hivepress.io/support/topic/how-do-i-remove-the-date-from-the-listings/

    PS. Please don’t reply in a new topic each time, as you can see this topic is named “HivePress Showcase” and it’s created here only for showcasing websites build with HivePress. You already created a topic for the clickable attributes issue, you can simply reply there https://hivepress.io/support/topic/clickable-buttons-on-blocksprimary/ Otherwise it’s impossible to track the conversation.


    One more from Brazil
    Thanks Ihor


    I was working on my new listing site for the past days and i will showcase it here when i finish the full setup.
    This theme (ListingHive) is best suiting for listing/directory sites.
    With this theme, for me, adding new post to listing was very simple, Also, this theme gives a good clean and simple appearance to the users. Thank you.

    Peter John

    @cventuram How did you remove the image from the card?

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